Music and Miracles 2022

Join Music and Miracles 2022 to hear a wonderful selection of chamber, vocal, and solo pieces performed by an amazing team of young (and young at heart) musicians.

Music and Miracles is a Youth Charity project that supports music therapy programs for children at Canadian hospitals. It brings together young musicians who believe in the indefinite power of music.

The concert is a Pay-What-You-Can event with this year’s proceeds being donated to the Music Therapy Program at McMaster Children's Hospital. Our support would expand this program and allow additional hours to work with more children at the Hospital. Donations can be E-transferred to or made at the door in cash.

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Thank you all for considering and supporting our cause! 

  - Music is a natural way for young people to express their emotions when they are unable to verbalize their feelings, fears or concerns.

- As a non-verbal form of communication, music therapy is used with children of all ages and developmental abilities.

- A research-based practice, Music Therapy helps to reduce children’s pain, enhance their social interaction, provide them comfort and promote relaxation and sleep.  It also aids in physical and cognitive rehabilitation.

It also provides a distraction while kids are either waiting for or undergoing a procedure. 


Emily Chen, Polina Cypress Chernik, Elizabeth Gilerovitch, Victoria Gilerovitch, Nicholas Ladizinsky, Miriam Sararu, Sora Sato-Mound, Julia Tchernik, Gloria Sophia Verhovsky, Janiya Wong, Grace Zemlyak, Olga Zingerman.


piano teacher

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Music and Miracles

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