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Ensemble Meitarim emerged in 2013 when sisters Olga Zingerman (vocal) and Julia Tchernik (piano) met violinist Alexandra Berlyand. The flautist Inoyat Khaidarova joined in 2018. The group combines classical and traditional repertoire, arranges folk tunes, and promotes the music of diverse ethnic groups; specifically Slavic and Jewish. The members take special pride in discovering and promoting the music of the Jewish diaspora. 


Meitarim means “Strings” in Hebrew. Even though not all our instruments have physical strings, we use the word in its broader meaning: the strings of one’s soul, the strings of the human voice, the cords that resonate when one encounters the infinite beauty of music.In classical music, Meitarim is always open to new genres and ideas. Members of the ensemble enjoy looking for new repertoire and bringing to light forgotten musical pieces. “On Music, Spring, and Beauty,” the concert-lecture devoted to chamber music by female composers, was one of the 2021-2022 season’s highlights.

Listen to the Meitarim here

Who by Fire - Leonard Cohen

On Music, Spring, and Beauty 

Performers: A. Berlyand, E. Chen, I. Khaidarova, J. Tchernik, and O. Zingerman.

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